Started playing the piano at the age of five, the Irish harp at the age of six, and the grand harp at the age of eleven.
After graduating from the High School attached to the Faculty of Music of Tokyo University of the Arts, entered the Department of Instrumental Music of the same faculty and university.
After graduation, moved to France and entered the harp department of Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de Danse de Lyon as the top student. In 2015, graduated with a DNSPM (Diplôme national supérieur professionnel de musicien).
After graduating from the Conservatoire, studied under Count Xavier de Maistre, former principal harpist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and world-renowned concert harpist.
Has performed with orchestras and chamber orchestras in Japan and abroad, including the Orchestre National de Lyon and the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, and is currently working as a concert harpist.

The first Japanese harpist to win the highest prize in the professional division of the 27th World Music Competition in Spain.
Won the first prize at the Nordic Music Competition, and has been awarded prizes at ten international competitions in eight countries including the Japan International Harp Competition, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, and Japan. Won top prizes in seven of these competitions.
In the same was invited to perform at the Bozar Hall in Brussels, the home of the Belgian National Orchestra.

In September 2020, was featured in “Google America” and over 100 other publications.
In December of the same year, was interviewed by Atsuko Suetomi, a world-famous Koto (a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings) player and philanthropist based in Turkey, and the interview was published in “Anadolu Life”, an international music and culture magazine in Turkey with over one million monthly readers.
At the end of the same year, “GENÇLER”, a classical music program on TRT Radio-3, a Turkish national broadcaster, broadcasted a 45-minute feature on the harp solo performance, which received favorable reviews.
Planning to start a tour of the whole country starting from Istanbul, Turkey in 2022.

Also motivated by charity activities through her concerts, has been working with Alexandre Dai Casting, a composer and UNICEF photographer, and has donated to the Red Cross from the proceeds of her concerts. Also a regular supporter of the Kamonohashi Project and the UNHCR, and continues to be active.

—Examples of requests from composers to provide music, to play premieres and to record—

– Provided orchestral music for Radio France, provided music for commercials for Microsoft Corporation, etc. and Mr. Alexandre Dai Castaing, a famous French composer, provided a solo harp piece. Also, recorded a solo harp piece for Mr. Castaing’s new album ‘A Tear is Dancing’.

– At the request of Maurizio Bignone, an Italian composer based in Italy and the Netherlands, who has been touring in Eastern Europe to great acclaim, performed the Japanese premiere of ‘Dancing in Claud’, a chamber piece for harp and strings arranged by Mr. Bignone.

– Received music for Harp Solo Music ‘ Hittite Suite’, First Edition by Mr. Cagatay Akiyol Balikesir, the owner and principal harpist of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Turkey. Planning to perform it as a Japanese premiere at her recital in October 2020.

– Requested by the leader of a major Indian band, “Underground Authority” (Sony BMG Records) to participate in the recording of their collaborative CD “Lately” with harp.

Renié : Légende / アンリエット・ルニエ : 伝説 from Yuki Miyata on Vimeo.

Harp Room Concert Series & Classical Music Series. from Yuki Miyata on Vimeo.